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About the Subbies App

The #1 challenge for builders and trade businesses is finding reliable, quality tradespeople when they need them. The seasonal nature of construction industry makes it very hard for businesses to hire, train and retain full-time tradespeople. The Subbies app addresses this unique challenge by creating an on-demand subbies marketplace.

By 2021, on average 40% of the workforce in the market is going to be on-demand. The Subbies app will help your business access reliable, high-quality tradespeople who are available when you need them.

The next biggest challenge for Sub-contractors is generating a steady flow of work in the cyclical construction industry. It is too risky to rely on one builder or business for all your cash flow. The subbies app will help you build a strong network of employers so you never have too many days without any work.

Simply put, Subbies app is a game changer in the construction space connecting you to the fastest growing network of Builders, Trade Businesses and Individual Sub-Contractors. This video explains the how’s and why’s.

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The #1 struggle for builders and trade businesses is finding quality people who are available when you need them. Delays in the construction industry cost a builder or business $1500 a day on average for every day a project runs over time. Working with the wrong person can also cost you a lot of money and even worse damage your business reputation. Here is how the Subbies app helps you find reliable Subbies for your business.

Find available subbies

Instantly search and find the best available Subbie by trade, location and date, and view their full profile.

Post jobs to find subbies

You can post your projects with full details of what you are exactly looking for so that the right Subbies can contact you.

Quality guaranteed

Know that the Subbies you choose are reliable and will do a good job. Look at the reviews given by other businesses like you.

Put the tools down

Have reliable subbies in your team so that you can choose to put the tools down when you need to.

Transparent transactions

There is no hiring fee unlike traditional hiring agency nor a payment for every job ad like on a job platform.

Simple communication

Instantly message or call Subbies via the app, build your contact list and have instant access to a great team.

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Find Work

Generating leads and finding consistent work in the seasonal construction industry is the biggest challenge for both individual subbies and subcontracting businesses. It’s very hard to plan and predict workload and cash flow. Relying on 1 or 2 builders/businesses for all your work is great when they are busy but dangerous if that 1 source slows up, drops rates or goes with someone else. Here is how the Subbies app can help you find consistent work from employers who pay well.

Build a credible profile

Create your profile and build your credibility by getting reviews and ratings from businesses you work with.

Get found easily

Use the in-app calendar to indicate which days you are available and be found when businesses search for subbies.

Access jobs for you

You can review jobs in your trade and area and if you want the job simply click interested and call them.

Get paid on-time

See what other subbies say about the businesses so that you can work with the ones that treat you right and pay on time.

Transparent transactions

You just pay a small flat monthly membership to access all jobs and be visible to all businesses in your trade and area.

Offers and promotions

Access exclusive offers and deals on products and services just for you.


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Join the fastest-growing network of Subbies today to find Work and find Subbies.

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Our Team


Adriaan Hall

Founder, CEO

With 15 years in trade and construction industry as an owner of a concreting and landscaping business, Adriaan faced the problem of finding good subbies first hand. When he realised it’s an industry-wide problem, he created the subbies app to get trade businesses connected and make their lives easier by using the latest technology.


Barath Krishnamoorthy

Founder, CTO

As a serial technology entrepreneur and investor, B has the knack of understanding the technology landscape and where it is going in relation to an industry. When Adriaan approached him with the challenge, B joined hands to create a technology solution that is not only easy-to-use but will change the way builders and trades do business for good.


Vishwas Prasad

Product Manager

Vish is a master product manager and user experience specialist. His dedication to understanding the user needs and putting them first is critical to the success of the app. With his 7-years of technology experience and agile background backed, he makes sure the app is always up-to-date, delivering what the users want.

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