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Subbies for Hire with it’s Subbies Toolbox App is transforming the way you do business in the Construction Industry. Simply put, its a game changer and connects you to the fastest growing network of Builders, Trade Businesses and Individual Sub -Contractors. In the words of Eddie McGuire, “It’s the tinder of the Construction Industry.” This video explains the how’s and why’s.

Why use the subbies toolbox?

Although there are many reasons to use the Subbies Toolbox App, these are a few that might make a difference to you and how you run your business. It’s been built to make your life easier and deal with the longest running Industry issue of finding someone that is available when you need them.

finding available subbies

How many times have you rung through all your contacts to find out they are all busy when you need them? The Subbies Toolbox App allows you to instantly find the best available Subbie in your area. Search by trade, location and date and get a list of all the AVAILABLE subbies that match your search.

it’s easy

One Search and you get a list of all available subbies, call the subbie straight from the app. You don’t need any tech skills, anyone can use the Subbies Toolbox.

quality guaranteed

When hiring new Subbies, you want to know if they are reliable and do a good job. The app allows all members to rate and review subbies out of 5 stars. When hiring through the Subbies Toolbox you know what you are getting.

real-time response

Looking for a Subbie now? We understand the urgency of requiring a Subbie right here, right now and have built the Subbies Toolbox App to give you a realtime response, so you can get on with picking up an available Subbie when you want them.

no middle man

With Subbies for hire there is no middle man. The transaction is completely between you and the subbie you contact and hire. You choose your subbie and the subbie sets their own rates.

no cost per lead

We don’t believe in cost per lead, there are no leads and no quoting with the Subbies Network. Simply find the right subbie for you and book them in. All you pay is your membership. That’s It. No extra charges and no fine print.

It’s smart & simple.

create a profile

Create a profile based on your skills, licences and experiences. Set your charge out rates and put up a picture of yourself or your business.

log availability

Use the in-app calendar to tick the days you are available and instantly notify Builders and businesses what days you are free. When your busy simply cross the days your booked.


Search by Trade, Location and Date and find The Best Available Subbies in your area to choose from.


Choose a Subbie by looking at their services, charge out rate, insurances, reviews and call them directly from the App.

review & rate

Once you have worked with someone through the Subbies Network you can rate their work. Give them a rating from 1-5 stars and add a review to help them get more work.

post a  job    

You can post a Job a with Trade, Location, Time to start and Requirement to easily get peoples for the work.

jobs board     

Here you can see all the jobs posted on Subbies network and you can share and express interest if the job is suitable for you.




How much will a membership cost me?

Entirely free to get started. After 30 days, if you find value, you can then sign – up via the app for unlimited access to all Subbies and jobs in the network for $9.99 per month only. No lock-in contracts.


“I joined the Subbies Toolbox so I could fill in any days between my regular customers, when I tick available the calls come flooding in, I’ve made new connections and increased my customer base. Now instead of relying on one or two companies to keep me busy I have access to hundreds in my trade, I don’t have to ring around anymore! I just tick available and the work rings me!” Daniel


“As a Builder I have my network of sub-contractors, but there’s times when they are busy when I need them. If a build goes over schedule by a day it costs $1500 to my bottom line. The Subbies Toolbox is a fantastic idea and allows me to find Available Subbies that specialise in Builders work. One thing I love is that they are all rated and reviewed as quality is very important to us!” Daniel

Impressive Homes

“Finally, there is a way to find Individual Subbies. Before I got on the Subbies Toolbox App I used online recruitment agencies which were expensive and not specific for what I wanted. I put call outs on Facebook and even drove around work sites trying to find subbies with no success. Now with the Subbies Toolbox App I just search and find Subbies I need instantly, no waiting so I can get on with my jobs.” Stan

Wooden perfection

“As a dual member I get the best of both individual and business memberships. I mainly use the app to get work from builders and hire subbies to help me on my projects. When I am in between jobs I list myself available as an individual to pick up more work. The Subbies Toolbox gives me Flexibility with my business and I recommend it to anyone thinking of joining.” Trent

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How do I register?

Click the Free trial button on the website and we will send you an Sms with the link to download the Subbies Toolbox App and start using for free for 30 days.

How much does Subbies for Hire cost to join?

Currently, we are charging $9.90 per month to members to have full use and access to the Subbies App.

What are the payment options?

We have made all payments in-app using either your i-tunes or google accounts.

How do I accept offers?
Click on the Offers icon within our Subbies Toolbox app to see all offers currently available to Subbies for Hire members.
I am a Builder, how does it work?
Subbies for Hire have made it easier than ever to find qualified sub-contractors. Register online at subbiesforhire.com.au, choose registration option ‘Business’ then choose ‘registered building practitioner’ from the trade category and complete your profile. Download the subbies toolbox app and log in with your registered email address. Use the Search icon to search by trade, service, location and date and receive profiles of businesses that are localised, up to date and available that match your job requirements.
I am a Business, how does it work?
Are you a business looking for skilled tradesmen? Or want to get more work from builders? This app will change the way you do business. Register online at subbiesforhire.com.au and complete your profile. Download the subbies toolbox app and log in with your registered email address. Use the search icon to search by trade, service, location and date and receive profiles of subcontractors that are localised, experienced and available.